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Become a Real Estate Agent in New York – Get Your Real Estate License NY Online – Real Estate School Near Me

Jan 22, 2020 - 390k Views

These 5 steps can be relatively easy and fun, if you choose the right New York real estate school, you can become a real estate agent in New York. Get your real estate license in NY with Real Estate License NY. A good real estate licensing school in New York can teach you the necessary skills, introduce you to real estate firms, and get you off to a good start. Working as a real estate agent in New York offers an opportunity to start a new career. New York Real Estate agents set their own hours, decide where to work, and can earn unlimited income. If you are energetic and like people, real estate can be a fascinating lifetime career for you. To break into New York real estate as a licensed real estate salesperson, you need a New York State license. That means you must take a NY real estate licensing course, pass two real estate exams, and join a real estate brokerage.

Step 1: Take The Required 77hr New York State Pre-Licensing Real Estate Salesperson Course – Select a NY Real Estate School

Before you obtain your New York real estate license, you must take the New York real estate license course. New York State (NYS) accredits real estate license schools offering the 77-hour New York Real Estate Salesperson course in both classroom and online formats. Some students prefer traditional NY real estate classes that allow interaction with teachers and other students. Real Estate License NY has an accredited online real estate agent course that gives the advantages of letting you learn anytime at your own pace, skip commuting to school, and repeat material on demand, while communicating with teachers electronically. (It’s the 21st century way!)

Be sure the NY real estate license school you choose has the proper New York State credentials. Real estate schools and courses must be accredited by New York State Department of State, and if online, also by Arello (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials) to ensure it follows appropriate standards.

Step 2: Real Estate Exam Prep To Pass The 77 Question New York Real Estate Licensing Examination – Real Estate Practice Exam

As a New York Real Estate Salesperson, you have a very responsible role. Consumers depend on you to handle what may be the largest investment of their life. Therefore, New York State expects you to acquire considerable knowledge to assume this position of trust. Following the 77-hour NY real estate Salesperson licensing course, you should set aside some time to prepare for the two real estate licensing exams. If you paid attention during the NY real estate classes, we are confident you will pass, but it is wise to be sure you have mastered the material. We recommend real estate practice tests for New York, which offer sample questions similar to the actual NY real estate licensing exams. You may find practice tests at:

Step 3: Take The New York Real Estate Licensing Exams

Following the NY real estate Salesperson course, you must pass an exam – given by your real estate school – to receive a course completion certificate from the school. You must also pass a NYS real estate exam given at a New York State testing center. You may register for the NY real estate state test 2-3 weeks before the test date on NYS Dept. of State website. It does not matter which test you take first, but you must pass both the real estate school and real estate state tests to get your NY real estate Salesperson license.

Register for the New York State real estate licensing exam here: eAccessNY and schedule your real estate exam.

When you arrive to take the NY real estate exam, show your picture ID. You need a government issued ID to take the test. You also want to bring a calculator, a pencil and a printed copy of your summary of submission. You can take the exam as many times as you need to pass the test. It costs $15 for each test you take and you need to get 70 percent or higher on the test to pass.

Step 4: Get Hired By A Real Estate Brokerage In New York

All NY real estate agents must be sponsored by a licensed New York State Real Estate Broker. You cannot obtain a Salesperson license without a Broker sponsor. This means that the Broker will approve your license application and you will work in that Broker’s office under their supervision after NYS grants your license.

Becoming a NY real estate agent starts with learning valuable skills and getting your real estate license in NY. The state has strict standards for new brokers and you must follow their requirements before you start selling property as a broker. NYS Real Property Law states that Brokers are legally responsibility to provide Salespersons with “regular, frequent and consistent personal guidance, instruction, oversight and superintendence.” The Broker holds your Salesperson license in their office (unless you or the Broker decide to terminate your association). There is no time limit on how long you will have to work with any particular Broker, but a Salesperson must always be sponsored by a Broker to hold an active license and practice real estate.

Brokers are selective about the Salespersons they choose to sponsor, as they have limited time and resources to provide the supervision required by law. Naturally, Brokers want to hire Salespersons who will be successful in the real estate field. Real Estate License NY has found that the best Salespersons are those who obtain a solid foundation in real estate principles through their education. Although Brokers train new Salespersons on procedures, students who begin their career with superior knowledge of real estate theory have an important head start over the competition. We see, time and again, that students who had an enjoyable, quality educational experience radiate confidence and enthusiasm. Education makes the critical difference.

Step 5: Keep Your Real Estate License Active With New York Real Estate Continuing Education Classes

Continuing education is a requirement by New York State in order to keep your New York real estate license active.