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5 Steps How to Become a Real Estate Agent in New York

Working as a real estate agent in New York offers an opportunity to start a new career. The challenge is preparing for the real estate license exam and ensuring that you are ready for the job. Following a few simple steps can help you become a NY real estate agent.

Step 1: Take the Pre-Licensing Course

Before you get your New York real estate license, you must take the state’s pre-licensing course. The course takes 75 hours to complete. You have the option to take the course online or to complete the course in a class environment. The benefit of an online course is that you complete the work at your pace. A course in a class environment means you must take the classes when they are available. The advantage of an in-person course is your ability to interact with an instructor and other students.

If you decide to take an online course, then check the credentials. It must be approved by New York State to qualify. It should also be reviewed by Arello to ensure it follows appropriate standards.

Step 2: Get a Certificate of Completion

When you finish the course, you must take an exam. The exam allows you to receive a certificate of completion. You need the certificate to qualify for the New York real estate license.

Step 3: Take a Real Estate Practice Test

Prepare for the exam to get your license by taking a real estate practice test. You can take a test at to prepare for the questions on the exam. By focusing on real estate exam prep, you have an idea of the potential challenges you will face on the licensing exam.

Do not ignore the value of extra practice. Taking a few practice tests will give you a chance to feel confident when you go into the licensing exam.

Step 4: Pass The New York State Licensing Exam

Register for the New York State licensing exam. Practice for the exam until the day it is available. Set up your account at eAccessNY and schedule your exam. You want to schedule the exam for one or two weeks in advance. By scheduling the exam early, you can take the test in the location you prefer. It also ensures that you have time to prepare for the test.

When you arrive to take the exam, show your picture ID. You need a government issued ID to take the test. You also want to bring a calculator, a pencil and a printed copy of your summary of submission. You can take the exam as many times as you need to pass the test. It costs $15 for each test you take and you need to get 70 percent or higher on the test to pass.

Step 5: Get a Sponsor

A sponsor is a licensed real estate broker. You cannot complete your license and sell real estate in New York until you have a sponsor. You want to approach a sponsor in the area of real estate you plan to sell. For example, if you want to sell residential properties, then you will want a sponsor who works in residential property sales. Take your time to find the right professional for your sponsor.

Becoming a NY real estate agent starts with learning valuable skills and getting your license. The state has strict standards for new brokers and you must follow their requirements before you start selling property as a broker. To learn more about preparing for the licensing exam or for a chance to take practice tests as part of your preparation, visit today.